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  1. Hi Kim Is this just for NCH people to see or everyone as I would like to see what other people are doing?
  2. Hi @Kim 1318 In the VideoPad forum there is a sticky for a page where users have been invited to post their work. it Is here http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/25970-videopad-show-and-tell/ Quotation from the opening of the sticky thread. "Greetings VideoPad users, We are opening up this thread for users who want to share their best VideoPad creations. If you have a VideoPad project that you would be willing to share with everyone, you may post it here for all to see. It could even be featured on our social channels and possibly our website. You can post the link t
  3. Hi @NationalsoloThank you. Regards Dave
  4. Ok Am I the first to drop his toe in and offer a project for comment, I expected to find lots? Well here it is. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/172bvZd9SIb74JKjPRnGkRhyNsIcQ0S4u?usp=sharing Any comments/criticism welcome. Regards Dave
  5. Sometime ago in an earlier post it was mentioned that there is a place to post finished projects for others to see and comment on. I would like to go there but can not find it. Can someone point me in the right direction please? Regards Dave
  6. Sometime ago in an earlier post it was mentioned that there is a place to post finished projects for others to see and comment on. I would like to go there but can not find it. Can someone point me in the right direction please? Regards Dave PS oops I'm in the wrong forum. Going to repost in VP
  7. DIYMan


    Hi Mark Welcome to the forum. Loved you post, only understood a third of it but then I'm a brick and mortar man not numbers bits. Regards Dave
  8. @borateThank you again. Never knew this video editing malarkey was so frustratingly difficult. But as I said before, loving every moment. Well I think the users who posted "unpleasant incidents" should have their hands nailed to their keyboards. Regards Dave
  9. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IyjdRjHyi22rfuIG_X1LGB9j_rgKUAj9/view?usp=sharing Hi @borate If you look at the two screen shots you can see I am getting a misplacement of the ground shock wave in the exported video. How do you get pictures in this post. I tried cut and paste to no avail? Regards Dave
  10. Hi @borateThanks for that. Yes it works better without the flying clip. I think I over complicated the edit in wanting a little bit of movement in myself whilst flying, not just a still key frame until I landed, not realising I already had the movement in the landing clip. Did you notice that the ground shock wave effect is in a different position in the exported footage to that in the preview? Lets hope the new version sorts this out. Do you think the shadow is also part of the same bug? How does applying a transparency to the landing track subdue the shadow? Again thank y
  11. Hi all. I am using VP version 8.63 I have a FX clip that is causing a shadow on the exported footage that is not there on the preview. The shadow is on a portion of the screen that close to but not within the area of the FX clip. The shadow slowly extends from the bottom of the area containing the FX clip and darkens a rectangle below it. I produced the FX clip with a polygon mask, key frames and a transparency setting. The polygon mask does not move over the shadow area. .Below are three files, one with the steps track which contains the FX clip and the shadow, one without
  12. Before I do, and I will try the release, is it going to take me back to 8.65 which will then keep crashing and inviting me to download the new version 8.71 with it's own exe file which when run only installs 8.65. Ground hog day. Do you feel like a HCH lab rat? Thank you for your patience and tenacity. Regards Dave PS He He 8.63 what a good guess. Actually what I will do is continue with 8.71 until I have finished working on the project because it is more stable than 8.63 then if a new version has not been produced I will use 8.63 to export the file. Again Thank you fo
  13. Hi @borate I tried the different export setting as you advised and it did not change the outcome. I haven't tried the green screen yet, I have to learn that process first, but I am confused that you say you can not see the black screen during the video playback. When I open the top link to Google drive and play the clip without downloading it the black screen is definitely there. I have done three screen shots which you can see in this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VElYYjz9X5-F-EmwWpIOPWhS4G8-IofH/view?usp=sharing Regards Dave
  14. Hi @borate What you have shown me in "look Here" is exactly what I am trying to achieve and what I see in preview but not what I see in the exported version. "In the FX box for the sequence the background is transparent?" When I click on the FX button on the Grey portal clip and the FX dialogue box opens I can see the portal opening and closing by moving the red slider/cursor position. The background in the clip preview screen is a checker board patten of light and darker grey squares, as it is when I have applied a transparency mask and unchecked the " mask inside box" for othe
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