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  1. Hello again, I have been using VP for a few weeks now and whilst I love the general design and features I am so fed up with its unreliability. I have finished my project several weeks ago apart from small amendments to get it perfect . Each night I go to make the small adjustment and everything keeps moving to new positions on time line. I emphasise they are small adjustments. Additionally I keep losing a whole evenings work. I have learned not to close before "saving as" because the program always comes up with "not responding" and a white screen. This evening I had actually got my project perfect so tried to "save as" as usual but would not let me - says "cannot save ". Tried to simply "save project" - would not let me. Finally went for the "close" - white screen, and I have lost the whole evenings work AGAIN. It has taken a while to get used to all the features, but spend more time correcting what was previously ok instead of enjoying creativity. So next mission is to try other programs and hope for better results. A big thank you to those who helped earlier .
  2. Thank you Nat, you have given me more homework, DCS
  3. Once again thank you Borate and Nat for supplying all that information. You guys go to a lot of trouble to help us novices and is most welcome and appreciated. I didn't know any of the above, so that answers my feelings toward the limited WMM, very well explained. Yes, I get the buffering whilst in preview too. I cleared cache and also noted the green line on video track. This line is only on the imported videos (from you-tube) - not above the still clips. You mention in VP that edits can be made when previewing. Not sure what you mean, sorry. Great to have you both on help, I have much to learn. DCS.
  4. On this subject , I have just had a fright. When enlarging the preview to full screen the picture quality is just awful. I then checked a same picture against the one I have on WMMaker and Wmm is outstanding. Also checked the original of course - again perfect. So I did the export to PC file and what a relief, so much better. Not as good as on WMM though for some reason, but as I am still experimenting I have the choice ; WMM - but lacks channels and little can be done with audio, versus VP - which I like the features but a little disappointed at final result. Yes, someone is going to ask what settings i used for the export - and of course I don't know. I will re-export with "auto match content" for starters as the gentleman above suggests and also note what other settings I use. Thank you for listening, just nice to know others are as interested as me.
  5. Nat'''' thankyou. Yes , just rechecked and you're correct. Funny it didn't seem like that at first - the text completely covered the clip. So this old guy has just spent adding lots of sub-titles and didn't need to complicate it. Thank you. The second point I had no idea there was this facility, that seems to overcome my previous moans about sub-title to clip being unattached. I am learning a bit every day. Thank you again, DCS.
  6. Thank you for going to so much trouble. The "picture" you show - saying sub-title channel and +ADD, - I don't seem to have. However I have tried as you suggest using "Add Text" BUT (I now realise) remember to set the opacity to zero. This gives what I like - having the ability to slide the text . Although new to VP, I find it hard (yet) to see why one would use "sub-title". Surely you would be expecting to move clips regularly - which means losing the sub-title attachment. This could happen over dozens of instances with just adding or removing a few clips. Thank you again , much appreciated, kind regards, DCS.
  7. I seem to be getting my sub-titles in a mess. Many clips end up more than one sub-title which of course can't be read. I looked on the help pages and it says I can add a sub-title channel. This seems perfect (similar to WMMaker) where one can simply slide the sub-titles to the correct clip. My question is how do I add this channel. I realise there is a move up/down facility, but this is very limited , when what I have commented above is so simple. Thank you all for any help
  8. Well, well. Yes I can now do this re-edit (as you call it). Previously I could only see an "edit" icon just under the previews and it only allowed one-line changes. I am so grateful to you all for helping this old guy, I must say it takes a lot of learning though. This is the second time I have asked for help and only used the program for a couple of weeks. Thank you and sorry to keep bothering you.
  9. I am trying to edit title - not the actual words, but to include a carriage return and have text on two lines. I can only see the "edit " icon which will only keep the text in one line. Thank you for helping, much appeciated
  10. DCS

    Free version not free

    Borate, you are a star. Last evening I was so peeved to be asked to purchase just before I had completed my video. I really thought I had downloaded a free version - it couldn't have been displayed vey clear. I am an 83 yr oldie so trying these things takes longer than for others. Additionally even more disgusted by the agent on the VP chat-line - so rude and impolite when I asked to explain the versions. However, I have done as you suggested and exported to an avi file and thankfully it runs . I am indebted to you for preserving hours of work , even if not quite finished. If I download the other version, do I need to uninstall the current one? I may reconsider VP now I know there is friendly help available, thanks again, DCS.
  11. Hello everyone. I am new to videopad. I have been using the so called free version and today had a message to say pay to continue. I am so annoyed after many hours of work on a project, this was not said at downloading the " free for home use only version." Even more disgusted by the very unfriendly agent on the chat line when I asked to explain. Don't think I will be purchasing with this attitude let alone all the bugs that are discussed on this forum. Shame, quite liked it, but will look elsewhere.
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