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  1. Thank you Borate - just sent you the link of a google drive folder in a private message. Let me know if not received. Many thanks! Franco
  2. Hi all - I have purchased VideoPad few days ago and now completing my first project. I use MacOS Sierra (vers. 10.12.6) with updated video driver. I edited a music video with the following: a background image (landscape shape), 6 audio + video tracks (one per musician) which I made smaller in order to match the background image. I have completed the whole video and in the "Sequence Preview" everything is as I want it. I saved the project then tried to export it. And that's when I have issues: the final exported video doesn't match the "sequence preview", so all my work on editing the 6 videos is not showing (the videos are way bigger then in the preview + they are in different position). Can anyone help me understand how to get a final exported video that match the preview? Thank you so much. Franco
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