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  1. Thanks for doing this. Very much appreciated. Yeah I tried it in the other formats. This time the video freezes until it gets to the end of the fade in and at the beginning of the fade out. It couldn't be it's a limitation of the free version? Also am I right in thinking you need to purchase the full version in order to add titles?
  2. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uhEt5MtUvaH0Xn1T3TksZK2g2BwZ8coB Thanks Nat. Well here is the the link in case anyone would be kind enough to check for me. In case it makes a difference the first time I exported it, it worked ok, but then on subsequent attempts I've had this problem, even starting the whole project from scratch again.
  3. Hi, Thanks for the reply it's version 8.27, I just dowloaded from the app store. I'm running on a mac so that link doesn't work for me but I'm uploading it to google now. I used the fade in button on the clip itself and then I used the transition button at the end. The clips are on video track 1 .
  4. Hi, I have just created a video with Videopad and added fades to the beginning and end but they do not appear to be there when I export the video. Am I missing something? Thanks
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