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  1. The reason for this may be as follows: If you are not using a dedicated sound card but are relying on "internal audio", the mix output can loop back to the input. There must surely be a way to prevent this, but it is not immediately apparent (the user manual is rather skimpy­čśí) Even with a sound card, the input should be set to external so that only the new material is recorded.
  2. Iain

    MixPad - Phase reverse

    All hardware recording consoles have a "Phase Invert (Reverse) button on each channel. I use this when recording drums with two mics on the snare drum. The first mic is above and the second below the drum . These two signals are mutually out of phase and so the phase from the second mic needs to be reversed. Where can i find the Phase switch on MixPad?
  3. Hello By disk do you mean CD? If so, when transfering the audio to CD you need to insert a track ID at the start of each story so that the listener can cue up to the required track. Alternatively you could load each story as a separate track into CD burning software and let it insert the default 2 secs silence between each track and add the track markers automatically. Iain
  4. I only downloaded MixPad a couple of days ago and so have very limited experience with it. I repeated the actions of the OP and found what he stated to be correct. When recording on a new track, you need to be able monitor the first track. For some reason MixPad insists on submixing the old track together with the incoming signal. Iain
  5. Hello I have just downloaded MixPad trial version. First impressions are very good, but I cannot find track Phase invert. Iain
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