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  1. It would had been nice to be advised on how to turn it off or disable the default if it is of not of any use to you. I lost valuable time trying to stop the ticking and having to create additional unnecessary files just to save. Finally the files save and title instead of sitting in a default number.
  2. SMH okay WHY would you even have the overdub as a default? I just clicked on Tools > Options and unticked overdub, now it' finally it's working like before. PLEASE... 'Don't fix what isn't broken' before all the tampering the program was a breeze and I loved it. I hope that each time you upgrade we aren't going to find these nasty little surprises that hinder our work progress.
  3. I am sending a short video mp4 to your Messenger on Facebook. It shows how when you hit pause during a recording then hit pause to unpause it begins playing back what you just recorded. I need the pause button to be working so if I need to pause I can just click pause to continue the recording, instead it just plays back what was just recorded and the only way to record from where I left off is to click on the sound bar to unhighlight it, click on the magnifying glass, find the end of the recording then start recording. So in short a simple pause / unpause to continue recording isn't working it's replaying what I just recorded. Please watch the video sent from me (Karen Waterfield).
  4. Okay I updated it to the 10.04 version and suddenly when I hit pause it then disappears and theres this loop tab instead which replays the audio instead of allowing me to release the pause when recording. I am so P****! I just had a client and I had to start a whole new recording and do a copy and paste of it onto the previous recording because the pause vanished!! There are too many bugs in your program now it's ridiculous!
  5. Yes I did that including contacted them via Messenger where I shared a video outlining the problem.
  6. Never mind I found where it was it wasn't on the toolbar as stated by NCH It was under Menu > Control > Record then at the bottom of that list is Turn Metronome On / Off
  7. I do voice recordings with clients via Skype they have their audio recorded. However the Metronome sound is so annoying and I can't turn it off because I can't locate the button for it which the NCH website says is supposed to be on the toolbar. Well I have looked all over the toolbar and found nothing. I honestly despise this program now. Where is the Metronome Button???
  8. I am not happy about how the save option is on the new version of WavePad Masters Edition v 9.73 I have paid for many versions over the past 6 or so years of WavePad updating it often, but this new save style is disgraceful! Everytime I save a recording sits in the WavePad program as untitled even though the copy of the saved file goes into the folder I chose. My issue is that I am finding it difficult to know which of the audio's are saved and which ones aren't, as a result I didn't save because I assumed I had and ended up discovering an entire recording was accidently deleted! I am furious! Why can't it just save and show the title on the saved version like it did before instead of showing up as Untitled_2 etc.. Had I seen that I wouldn't had deleted the damn thing thinking it was already saved to my folder. PLEASE FIX IT!!
  9. I want to know the same thing did anyone bother getting back to you? I am gutted a 1 hour file completely lost!
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