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  1. Does anyone know what determines the default instruments for drumsets and how to change them? I'll give an obvious example. I haven't yet edited the provided drumset definitions, but I'm thinking I need to. When I place a note in position five on the staff, I want and would expect to get a normal note head to denote the snare drum. But every time I place a note there the note head is a cross, like for a cymbal or high hat. I can change that to a normal note head, but I'm having to change every snare drum note individually. If I'm reading the editor correctly this default for position 5 is a Side stick rather than a Snare. Why, and how to change it? Also I see that there are two instruments defined for the normal note head in that position, Acoustic snare and Electric snare. Which one would/should it play when two are defined? Thanks Kevin
  2. You need to choose Group rather than Stem and then Above or Below rather than Up or Down. I don't know why you can't simply choose Stem for both.
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