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  1. Hi everybody, I have just purchased VideoPad editor for my videos. Sorry for my english. I am writing from Italy. I am writing here for two reasons: I can't find "snapshot" button and I would like to eliminate background noise. As regards "snapshot", I've read in several internet sites that its button appears next to "3d options" and "360 degrees", on the right of the screen, but in my case there is no snapshot button. As regards "background noise", I would like to eliminate a buzz that appears in a clip: in this clip, a person says something but there is some background noise; so I would like to maintain what this person says but I want to eliminate the buzz. Is it possible? Thanks a lot, Manuel
  2. Ciao a tutti, ho sottoscritto un abbonamento con videopad editor per il montaggio dei miei video. Vi scrivo per chiedervi se sapete dove trovo il pulsante per scattare le istantanee. Ho fatto ricerche in google, c'è scritto che l'icona compare vicino a quella di "opzioni 3d" e "360 gradi", ma nel mio programma non c'è il pulsante di istantanea da quelle parti. Sapreste aiutarmi? Grazie mille, Manuel
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