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  1. Can't you create a new wall type and then use that when adding the wall? I wanted to create balcony floors outside of recessed upper floors---so to create a floor I made a balcony wall type with a .25m height...and then created the outer wall of the balcony with that wall type---it had height of .25m, while the remaining walls on that floor used the 2.438 height. So--I THINK you could create a new wall type on a story, then select that when you create your wall.... So most of your walls use the DEFAULT wall---but when you draw this particular separation wall you'd use your newly defined wall type....seemed to work for my need.
  2. This needs to get OFF the "to do" list and get DONE. This is a fundamental flaw in being able to use the tool to create designs people!...get real Make two kinds of floors, Transparent and normal....allow walls to have zero height but connect---then fill the zero height wall with transparent floor.... PLEASE GET THIS DONE! 2019---2 are 2+ Years since last response....I just upgraded and STILL not there....really...I could have bought something else which has this!!!
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