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  1. I was going to do that but you have to purchase the program before you can open support tickets. Actually, I'm leaning towards a different program for this purpose because I want to export track markers ("bookmarks") in the final project, preferably in the form of a .cue file. Bookmarks set in MixPad don't get carried over to Wavepad for the final mastering, and even if they did it seems you have to export as separate tracks based on bookmarks, not export one audio file with a cue sheet. I haven't tried the CD burning option, but I need it in "data" format first. This is especially important when exporting to .mp3 because once you cut the file, there's no putting it back together gaplessly. Mixpad is powerful for mixing many different tracks and samples, but I'm to looking to do something very specific (finalize and export a DJ mix as one audio file with a cue file).
  2. I'm trying to splice together different takes of a DJ mix to use the best transitions. The clips are already beatmatched and I want to line up the waveforms vertically on adjacent tracks to make short inaudible crossfades where the same audio is playing on both tracks. While I've managed to get an acceptable result, it's difficult to navigate on the timeline zoomed in all the way because one push of an arrow key moves the cursor way too far. I want it to move just one sample left or right. The resolution of the waveforms is sample perfect but I'm having trouble positioning the cursor that precisely. How can I move the cursor on the timeline smallest possible amount? I can position both the cursor and clips using the mouse in increments of one thousandth on the time display 0:00:00.00x. I assume that's one sample because everything including volume envelope nodes "snap" to those frames even though the waveform display appears even more finely detailed. I'm using version 5.53 in Trial mode. I need to decide whether to buy this or a different program.
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