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  1. So this happened to me twice. The same project basically. All my project is, is audio but normally after hours of working on the project, it just stops working. The Auido is fine when suddenly everything is just gone. The boxes are still there but no sound waves or lines, theres no sound, and it wont save. So the first time this happened I hadn't saved, we assumed the program crashed. Today I decided to restart the entire project. U had been working for hours and saving every few minutes. Suddenly it happened again. All of my audio boxes just go blank. Since I saved this time, I just go to restart the program. But when I re open it, suddenly the project no longer is valid for it. Obviously now I'm wary of trying this huge project again for the 3rd time from scratch, I bought the program a while back and this has never happened. The project isnt intense besides the audio is long and all I'm doing really is cutting the audio to make it shorter so when that's done I can add video and effects but the project just no longer works not even half way through editing the audio. Please tell me some one has figured this out.
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