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  1. Borate, Thank you very much for the quick reply and the suggestion. I did as you suggested and unfortunately it did not solve my problem. I will DM you a link to the portable project file I created and specific details about the issues. Thanks.
  2. I am creating a slide show of mostly photos (with music tracks) and some video. I made each section a separate sequence and then had an "ALL" sequence that includes all the sequences. Many of my photos are portrait so I am putting 2 together "per slide" by overlaying them on separate video tracks, I then use the Letterbox to Aspect Ratio (Auto Aspect Ratio) effect and then the Position Effect to move one to the left and another to the right. I also use some other effects on certain slides (cropping and scaling) but these are not the slides that have the issue. Everything looks good when I preview the video in VideoPad, but when I extract it, just a few (4 or so) slides do not come out right (out of over 200)....overall its a 13 minute video with each "slide" 3 seconds each with about a minute of video interspersed in. What happens is the 2 pictures come up, but then on the next slide, one of the pictures from the previous slide stays up and only one of the new pictures from the new slides come up. I am thinking this is some type of memory issue j (vs. a configuration issue) since 1) it only happens a few times out of hundreds of slides, 2) it looks fine within VideoPad, 3) all of the issues happen towards the very end of the video (in the last section/sequence). The slides that do not come out right are not contiguous....one will be wrong, then a bunch will be right, then another wrong....but a few of the wrong ones seem to be bunched together. I was exporting in mp4 format in 4K (used all the other default settings for codec, etc.). I also tried doing in 2K and 1080p, interestingly the 1080p had even more slides messed up this way, but the 2K had fewer but still some. And each extract had some of the same slides messed up but also some different ones. I also did a reboot of my computer and had no other apps running when I did the extract. I am using the paid version of VideoPad Profession version 7.24. I am running on a very fast and new PC (Windows 10 HP Spectre i7-8550U 16GB RAM and 2TB solid state disk). I made a similar video about a year ago on an older version of VideoPad on a much slower PC and never had this problem. Would changing the frame rate or any other settings from the default help? Appreciate any help/advice!!
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