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  1. thank you for the reply. Shame really as AAC and unprotected m4a (I recorded the file) on an iPad , oh well.
  2. Thank you for the reply, the link you gave doesn't address the iPad Version. My message I got on the iPad is that I had to go get a 3rd party subscription website for the AAC/M4A file. The link you provided shows Windows and Mac but not the iPad. Do you have a similar link for the iPad Supported formats once I purchase? I can drop the file into the Files section of the iPad easily enough, through a variety of methods. I don't want to Add the file to iTunes/Sync to make it like a song file when its easy enough to airdrop or other method to get it into Files.
  3. I have only gotten the free (demo) download on iPad, I am trying to see if the application will work for our needs. We currently use a Mac and use another product to do some simple editing on an AAC/M4A file we get from our streaming setup. I got the iPad version (have not purchased the 9.99 all current features yet). I try to open a AAC/M4A file and I get a message that says Unsupported File Format, file format not supported on IOS, sign up for a subscription via swiftconverter, should you like to start a subscription. I could not find a concrete supported formats list for iPad (they seem to jumble all the versions together on the website) I am trying to find out if AAC/M4A is supported natively and if its just a matter of purchasing the 9.99 ALL CURRENT FEATURES add-in or purchasing the WavePad Master's Edition for 14.99 if it is only a subscription to another service then I want to know that too Thanks if anyone can answer it is appreciated
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