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  1. With a crop, I don't see how I could find the exact center of the image. There's no placement "nudging" or "center guideline" locking. The clip preview during fx also doesn't show me the under tracks so I'd have nothing to line it up with. Why does the editor in the sequence preview show the first clip at the tail end of the cut overlapping into the second clip, when I clearly cut in the sequence? But I suppose it's a better solution than reimport the finished exported video, go in and find the faulty blinks of absent frames, screenshot the frame that shows the top layer, place the screenshot over the absent frame. And then export the video again.
  2. Alright, here's an upload of the video track layer problem that has been killing me over several versions and deserves a lot of cussing: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NxyanZm1dxnPP4c9yg7wM1wgDtKcUCWp?usp=sharing
  3. v8.16 I had a clip that was set at a lower frame rate transitioning with a cross-fade that looked fine in the sequence viewer but froze/stuttered on export during the transition. This was limiting what I can and wanted to do with my edit but I resolved it by making the culprit tracks 100 speed. A recurring problem I keep experiencing over several versions, that's more annoying is, I'd have two video tracks of equal length, one on top of the other. On export, the top layer would not show for a frame on the beginning or end of the cut. Essentially blinking out the top layer on a cut. This would not show in the sequence viewer. The only way I've been able to fix this is reimport the finished exported video, go in and find the faulty blinks of absent frames, screenshot the frame that shows the top layer, place the screenshot over the absent frame. And then export the video again. This process forces me to have two exported videos, most of which are over 500+MB each. This is makes finishing my videos even more time consuming, resource expending, and frustrating.
  4. Again, I'm not open to uploading my projects. I use the software, I describe the exact conditions, I experience consistent repeatable problems, and let you know. This software is just full of bugs and isn't ready for regular use. We should just admit that. I'm stuck with the same version, v7.51 I spent hours and hours exporting my project in various configurations and again editing and reediting in frames and video layer text overlapps on clean cuts, export distortions because the software is crap. And I'm still working to find a configuration to make it work. I report it and it never got fixed.
  5. I also may be getting an export problem where I'll export and then when I play a 2k file, smart max variable it freezes on a frame for the rest of the video on vlc player. But when I export it in HD, or change the frame rate it plays fine. Also, the shadow in the text doesn't render on export.
  6. I keep experiencing this flaw often in the videopad editor and on export over many versions. Usually it has to do with two or three video layers and the adjacent cut. In the editor, I'll get black frame or play overlapp anomalies in the sequence preview and in the timeline editor. On export these may not show up in the same place, but in other places there are cut transition errors like an odd frame or distortion.
  7. I cleared my cache, restarted videopad, I still get a black frame. I don't know why I'm getting it and you're not; it's there, I've screen recorded what happens, it happens. I'm stuck at v7.51 so no point in testing higher. Where do I apply for complimentary update? The zoomed and scaled rendering look significantly different. Even if it exports better, it is nerve wracking editing with a ton of sequence playback errors that don't match the export. I shouldn't have to export every time I see a playback error just so I know if it affects the export or not. I've had exports with flashes of black frames in cuts too. And then I'd have to go back and edit the final export to make it work again, wasting space with two multi GB final exports.
  8. So do I get a complimentary license since my version has expired? Why does this all stuff happen in the first place? Clips' random freezing at the end sounds buggy and unnatural to me. Having to clear the cache manually or encountering these errors to begin with is a big inherent problem.
  9. Ok, I just tried isolating the example and it does the same when I run it so here's the portable: https://drive.google.com/open?id=16bH-q_e7eFe0kS1XORmLaYWLxaqwsTPt
  10. I don't like sharing my projects. What more do you need to see? I take a clip that plays normally, import it to videopad, put it on a track, isolated from other clips, it plays buggy. I take the same image, place it on the same track, apply zoom to one, scale to the other, they render differently. I did notice things getting buggier as I added more things. Some clips would freeze and such. I even experienced my timeline video tracks lose their thumbnail and just show as blank clips in the timeline. It crashed on me at one point also. And then somehow some clips would unreliably come back/work while others would fail. Are you suggesting something from out of sight of the timeline is somehow affecting them? In the future, I might make a dummy project but I don't have time for that now. If it's performance/ram related, I'm working on a brand new computer, I also had similar issues on my old computer, with previous versions too.
  11. This isn't the first time I've had these edit issues. Plenty of black frames, clip freezing on previous edits. And clip ends sometimes overlap the adjacent clip in playback even though I set the clip to end. Take a look at this: Black Frame during edit - https://youtu.be/oc4pa2Td4Zo Zoom vs. Scale - https://youtu.be/HAvh_q278Ss Using an Inspiron 5090; a brand spanking new computer. Intel Core i9-9900K CPU 3.60ghz 3.6 ghz, 64 GB installed ram (63.9GB usable)
  12. v7.51 zoom fx doesn't seem to render my clips to the full resolution, and I don't mean degradation from zooming in because the scale fx doesn't have the same issue. Playback frequently is full of bugs, such as freezing framing during a clip with zoom fx, and playing normal on an adjacent clip. Zoom fx is half baked. One clip there's a mysterious black frame that flashes during playback. Black freeze frames also appear towards end or random places of several clips for no reason. Sometimes freezes play ok when I go in and add a decimal point to an fx. SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. Can't update to newer versions as license has run out. So I'm stuck with a constantly buggy incomplete beta program. It always does this crap, seemingly the more complex the edit the crappier it gets.
  13. Yes, export is not the same as preview. I notice it on a three layered video consisting of a background, midground, foreground. the midground exports a little higher. The foreground may be off too but I doubt it. It's not a big shift but significant enough to disalign my planned graphical cut-outs. I did test it in the latest version but it came out the same.
  14. A green screen layer is not lining up the same as in preview. It positions itself just a notch or so higher than previewed and it's very frustrating. v7.34
  15. There's an "opening" circle shape transition, but is there a "closing" circle transition? And can I position the closing spot?
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