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  1. Yes, export is not the same as preview. I notice it on a three layered video consisting of a background, midground, foreground. the midground exports a little higher. The foreground may be off too but I doubt it. It's not a big shift but significant enough to disalign my planned graphical cut-outs. I did test it in the latest version but it came out the same.
  2. A green screen layer is not lining up the same as in preview. It positions itself just a notch or so higher than previewed and it's very frustrating. v7.34
  3. There's an "opening" circle shape transition, but is there a "closing" circle transition? And can I position the closing spot?
  4. gdog

    Graphics Card Failure

    Well, what I'd like to know what is the sequence preview playback is dependent on, a graphics card, cache. My card started working again but it's been spotty on and off. In my initial post maybe I forgot to add I had to switch to my internal cpu's hdmi port from my graphics card port. I recently did try exporting on a smart frame rate instead of 24 fps. Then I was working in that export to clear up the text frame errors. Oddly enough the clip shows more but the image playback freezes towards the end of my 13 minute project. But seems to export ok.
  5. Ok, I exported the project on 45 smart and the stutter maybe looks better? But still there. Maybe I'm imagining it's better. Previously I was exporting on 24 fps. But the frame overlap is still present. With the text, I just extended part of the text clip over the other on a different track and that worked.
  6. I think my graphics card just failed. I'm connected through the hdmi port on my computer so I can boot up videopad and can put down a video clip but once I add a screenshot image, the preview goes blank on video but can view the screenshot. What's causing this issue, no graphics card or something else?
  7. I almost never use the videopad frame by frame because it doesn't jog frame by frame. I click and drag the red line. But really that's irrelevant because I do rely on the snap cuts, and like I said earlier the problem isn't in the edit, which shows everything lining up perfectly, the problem is on export it messes itself up. Sometimes the transitions mess up too. Like I had a clip that stuttered a frame on the cross fade transition, which again doesn't show on the edit composition or even sequence preview but shows on the export playback. Or I'd have two text clips of the same text connected the latter one I added an fx blur. On the connect, the text disappears/blinks for a single frame on the transition.
  8. I try to do that as much as possible but I also apply different filters/fades/spacing to different layers. And it doesn't always fix the problem. The problem is the text content clip overlapping the previous video content clip cut by a frame on export. Not how I edited it. I just want to say because of this POS software, I have to go through the hassle of finding and reedit the final exports to cut out the parts where a single frame of text overlaps the previous video clip.
  9. Sometimes with text clips, a frame will overlap onto the previous clip on export. May possibly be related to different video track layers. This has happened on previous versions as well. v7.34
  10. gdog

    Text Editor Error

    ok, that worked. thanks
  11. gdog

    Text Editor Error

    https://imgur.com/a/9V0mwzz I also have instances where the program freezes, like with a white transparent layer over it when closing or opening.
  12. gdog

    Text Editor Error

    It's not on general playback that I don't see it, it's on getting into the text editor; double clicking the text video track shows as a blank on editing the text in the clip preview.
  13. gdog

    Text Editor Error

    When I add a fade to my Add Text, entering the text editor, shows no text preview.
  14. Sometimes when I'm editing, after adding an FX, or clip transition, the playback window won't show the proper frame I am at and won't play the playback. Like it'll be a black screen or a freeze frame of an earlier clip. Audio playsback but not video. If I delete some clip or delete a transition, it'll show as normal, but when I put it back the same error shows up. Can this have to do with cache limitations?
  15. When I have two or more video tracks on top of each other, the bottom video track flashes for a brief frame or so at the start of the playback. This is like the black frame problem with adjacent clips on a separate video track layer.
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