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  1. Thanx, But I'm a beginner. I bought VideoPad because it said, 'Easy to use, intuitive, drag & drop ...' etc etc - which is just what I need. I had a quick look at 'HowTo Install ffmpg' on Google, and it gave a load of instructons that were all Greek to me, and looked like a mini-nightmare all of its own. Keith
  2. Ha ha ha. U got me ! I was halfway through strapping a tripod to my wrist ... But ... yr method of clipping seems more complicated than just applying a little zoom straight off. Am I missing something ? Keith
  3. Mr NationalSolo, Thanx 4 yr reply. 1. I'm a beginner, & don't know what 'scrub thro the clip' means. As for 'Crop and Zoom' ... using the 'Scale' button, & typing numbers into the sliders, seems very easy & quick, so I'm not keen to try any other method. 2. Using a tripod ?? Most of my vids are when I'm walking, or holding the cam whilst driving a Salang (motorcycle/ sidecar combo) about in Thailand. Holding the tripod as well as the camera migh have been even more difficult. Keith
  4. I don't use the mouse. Typing numbers into the Scale - popup window - small slider number windows - I find quick, precise, and repeatable. Am I just an awkward person .... ? Any idea why - when I clik 'Scale' on the 'Help' list, I get a blank page ? Keith
  5. Thanx Borate. Tried to download yr clip but it wouldn't. But anyway ... it seems everyone is saying I need to upgrade - so I've bought an HP Pavillion 590 - Intel i.7, AMD 550 Graffiks card, 256 GB SSHD w/ 2 TB storage. That don't mean much to me, but it seems to include all the things I've been told I shd hv. Second problem. When I re-scale (to get rid of black border intrusion after stabilizing) I find the little dotted box that appears on the video completely unmanageable - very jerky and clumsy and impossible to manipulate with the mouse.. Why oh why not have one simple resizing window that u get with windows 'Photos' and Word 'Crop' - just so simple. So, I use the 'Scale' pop-up window w/ the sliders. But ... I don't see any 'Apply' button, so have no choice but to abandon the scaling. How do I apply my chosen scale ? NOTE I did look in the V.P. Scale 'Help' secton, but when I clik 'Scale' on the list, I get a blank page ... no help at all So far, the 'intuitive and easy to use' VP is turning into a slo-mo nightmare. Do I need more alchohol ... Keith
  6. Borate, thanx. If u say my comp has adquate spes, are u saying it's normal for a 20 minute vid to take 50 mins to stabilize, then another hour to wait for the sound to be added ? Is that the sort of time it's going to take always, regardless of whether I buy a better spec comp, or a more expensive V.E. ? Am I getting angry about something that just can't be changed much ??? Regards Keith W
  7. Borate, thank u for yr time & patience. My complaint is not against u - it's against VideoPad. As I said before, cutting out a bit of video to keep, and stabilizing it, seems to me to be one of the most basic requirements, and should be : 1.Cut. 2. Cut. 3. Delete unwanted bits 4. Stabilize the cut out bit. Done. Just can't see why any video editor maker wouldn't just make it so. It was the first thing that I as a customer wanted, and the first thing I didn't get. Surely that simple facility is worth more than all the fancy effect they provide ??? I can use your method, btw, but saving to desktop, closing Videoapd, & starting again with the new stabilized clip takes so long. My second problem is that it takes 50 mins to stabilize a ten min video, then another hour to wait for the sound to be added, as the clip is being 'processed' (whatever that means.?) NCH Support says my comp is adequate, but I'm getting the feeling something is wrong somewhere. Here are the specs. Should I get a new comp ??? Cheers - Keith W 10 yr old HP Desktop Processor - Intel (R) Core (TM) iS-6400 CPU @ 2.70 GHz 2.71 GHz Memory 8.00 GB (7.9 Useable) 64 Bit x 64-based processor Free Disc Space - 7.27 TB
  8. Thanx Borate, But ... but ... but, what I can't get my head around is that I, a newcomer to V.E. and VidPad, should have had my very first attempt at editing so disastrously mangled. I just can't help thinking that taking a bit of video, clipping out a bit that you want, and stabilizing it ready to insert it into the final video, is one of the first, one of the most basic, one of the most obvious, things that every video editer would want to do. But with VidPad, this simple and obvious first task has landed me straight in the shit, cost me two days work, and so far has got me ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE. I have 100 videos to stabilize and edit. £70 and 2days work, and I haven't even got passed first post. This is insane ... What about all the promo liturature - intuitive, easy to use, fluid, etc, etc. Here's the deal. Do u know of a good V.E. - one that will allow me to actually get on with editing videos, instead of spending my time on forums discussing work-arounds. I don't want work-arounds - I want a V.E. that works. I'm ready to jump. Damn the cost. Life is too short.
  9. Thank you - Nationalsolo Einstein and borate Einstein But Emmanuel, NCH Customer Service Team, has sent me this. To cut a small clip from a long video, load it first from the sequence then use the red ribbon marker to cut the start and end of the part that you want then you can delete the other part of the long videos until you only have the short clip that you want. After that, save the video so you'll have a video file with the short clip that you want. Once it's done exporting, create a new project in VideoPad then add the short clip that you exported then you can stabilize it. KW
  10. Surely it has to be one tremendous design flaw that I can't cut a piece out of a video and stabilize that piece. Why oh Why oh Why would any V.E.designer force EVERYONE to waste so much time stabilizing HOURS of video just to get a few minutes of finished product ???? Can the VideoPad people contact me & tell me why? Better still, can any one reading this reply to me & tell me of a V.E. that WILL let me stabilize only the bits & want, & not the whole video. I'll buy it tomorrow & ditch VideoPad.
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