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  1. i know it probably shouldnt do that but it does and im putting the clip in there using what uv showed me i cant drag the 2nd clip back to put my clip inbetween them because it will overwright the stuff i have there too witch is sort of the same issue . is there some kind of setting that i need to uncheck to stop this?
  2. yeah thats what im doing to add the clips but when i add 1 and somthing is already behind it will cut off the start of the clip after it if it needs too say clip 1 lasts 10 seconds and clip 2 lasts 20 and the clip i want to put in after the first clip lasts 15 seconds. my first clip will play as normal and the new clip will play as normal but the clip that was second has its first 15 seconds replaced with the new clip and only plays its last 5 seconds. why cant i just add the clip and it be moved over where required? THIS IS VERY FRUSTRATING
  3. ok say i have 2 clips on my time line and i have changed my mind and want to add a third inbtween them it will cut its way inbtween them instead of simply going after my first clip and my second clip being pushed over to be played 3rd it will cut parts of my first and second clip. why in the world is this a thing and how do i get around it. iv had a good search and anything that involves cutting in comes up with how to cut/crop clips witch isnt my issue. also another situation. i have a bunch of images displayed in a different video track so it over laps onto my video but say i need to increase the duration of 1 so i drag the thing across and it does the same as the clips it wont move the other images along the timeline it will just CUT ITS WAY THOUGH WHAT EVER I HAVE THERE INSTEAD OF PUSHING THEM DOWN TO A LATER POINT. WHY IN THE WORLD IS THIS A FEATURE AND HOW CAN I STOP IT
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