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  1. I am trying to export a forty-five minutes video but: -The first time the picture got stuck at minute 32 and the sound at minute 38. -The second time all the video got stuck at 2nd minute. The export settings are: Preset: Custom format: mp4 Default Quality / Filesize: High Quality Audio: High Quality Resolution: 1920 x 1080 - 1080p HD Widescreen fit: (Nothing! I can't change it! I want to put at Letterbox but it's closed) Frame rate: Variable Frame Rate (Max 30 fps) Can you help me please ??? Thank you!
  2. It works! Thank you very, very much!!
  3. I have problem with my PC. I download the Videopad on other PC but when I tried to open the file of my work it said: VideoPad could not locate the following files. It shows the file and it says: Resolve. After that it says: The file that you 've selected does not match the file type for this clip. Please choose another one! I tried many things and especially Uninstall and reinstall many times but doesn't work. The file doesn't have any problem on my first PC. What can I do? Can you help me please??? Thank you very much...
  4. Dear friends, I am using Videopad. I put my watermark to one video and it was fine. The next time that I opened the video it was fine. But the next-next time that I opened the video, the watermark had big problem. Ιt is totally corrupted!! Some red letters that it has, look like red flowers! The graphic design has spoiled and is blear. I reintroduce it, it looks good when it's big but a little blear and when I make it small it's totally destroyed. Why is this happening and how can it be repaired? I am thinking that maybe there is a problem with the preview of the video but there wasn't at the beginning. If that's the problem how can I fix it?? Thank you very much!
  5. I am trying to put a transition in the start of the clip and I can't! I made the timeline very bigger for seeing the small seconds. I cut the clip at one second and I put the duration at 2 seconds first and later at one second.It doesn't work. Some other transitions is working but not the transition that I want (Horizontal lines). Can you help me?? Thank you!!
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