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  1. Uploaded: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ak8LPJoyD-R4jD1Lp0zT9Kwn3vjh thank you 🙂
  2. Thank you for update. I hope it can be fixed 🙂 Waiting for good news
  3. Unfortunately, it's 10 minutes only when my final video was 30 minutes. Plus, it's not simply being cut off, - some parts are missing in the middle of video. I got VOB files by converting original video tape into VOB. When working on project, I played some parts of video (not original clip, but my video) in VP preview pane. Everything looked good until I re-opened my project. How come it was so badly damaged for no good reason? I do not want to think I should work it all over again...
  4. I did not use them in my video, and did not added to zip file because with them zip file was bigger, and could not be placed to OneDrive due to its size. I remove zip file from OneDrive, and placed there two missing files: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ak8LPJoyD-R4jDqr-oH9XoAvB9vs https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ak8LPJoyD-R4jDkR2CBNam1JOu2e I hope you still have zip file/ I removed it from from OneDrive to free space for two files above. Thank you
  5. I was working on a project, and everything looked good. Then I needed to switch to another project, and when I re-opened first project, video track did not work anymore (sound was running, but previre panel showed frozen picture). Could you please check if you can help me to fix it? I saved my project as portable, and uploaded it to OneDrive: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ak8LPJoyD-R4jDitZwFslgNh6BL4 I'm using VP 7.11 (I got it from you working on my another project in April. I reported an isue, and it was fixed in 7.11). Thank you in advance for your time
  6. I'm puzzled with the comment from December 9, 2018 about "downgrade" to free version. I downloaded VP as Free. And yes, VP asks me every time if it's for home use only (and I confirm it), but still when I try to export movie, I get choice either to buy or to enter registration number. Looks I can work on my project, but cannot export movie 😞 Is there really free VP, or it's free for trial period only? If downgrade trick should work, how to do it? Thank you
  7. Thank you for advice, I will definitely try it later 🙂 Thank you all once more for your time 🙂
  8. Thank you! I was able to burn DVD, and it's playing now 😊 Could I do anything to have fast-forward enabled? If yes, then, probably, it could be done on project stage, before creating image... It's too late for this project, but for future? Anyway, you are my hero 😊 Thank you 😊😊😊
  9. Sorry for my stupidity. If I understand you right, movie burning as data will not be recognized by standalone DVD player. That's not what I need. I need playable DVD record. Originally, my intention was to create one iso file for the whole movie (with two parts), but later I divided movie into two parts because of the issue reported above (VP stuck on creating iso file). Since you know workaround, could you please be so kind, and create another iso file (I hope it's the last one I'm asking for)? Please 🙂 I uploaded project with both parts: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ak8LPJoyD-R4i2K00-_lZwDLc76F If your final mp4 part 2 file is better that file in my shared folder, please use yours. Thank you in advance
  10. I'm really sorry to take your time, and very frustrated by my helplessness.. Current situation is: I tried to burn CD with Express Burn by NCH using iso files, but when I tired to add iso files, I got message that only video files can be added https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ak8LPJoyD-R4i2K00-_lZwDLc76F How to burn both iso files (part 1 and part 2) to same DVD? Another request: if you still have by chance the latest version of mp4, could you please give it to me? whatever I have has either doubled titles, or started not from the beginning 😞 Thank you
  11. Thank you for help. I downloaded your version of mp4 file, but it starts not from the beginning. It supposed to start with bride getting off limo (the first part ended with limo image with sign "Just Married"). Sorry, I do not want to lose that tiny part 🙂 I do not want to believe I've sent your way the wrong mp4 file... I shared my mp4 with bride getting off limo (I called it 'wedding-part2-1st version') again just in case: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ak8LPJoyD-R4cxZQMP8rqftHG6o Did you create .iso file from mp4? If yes, then please share it with me. In your shared location I found mp4 only. Thank you, and sorry for taking your time
  12. I shared files: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ak8LPJoyD-R4cxZQMP8rqftHG6o VP was hanging for 11 hours without progressing beyond 72 %. For my project, I used mp4 file, - I needed to add to it a new title only. Thank you for your assistance
  13. I created a movie that was about 50 min. long, and saved it in MP4 format. However, when I tried to export it to DVD selecting Image file, process was running smoothly up to 60%, and then was stuck on it for about 10 hours. I closed VP from Task Manager. Then separated my movie into two parts. VP created image file from the first part of movie that is 10 min long, but when I tried same approach on the second part, VP stuck on 72%, and sitting there for four hours already. Is there any limitation on movie size to export it to DVD? My understanding is that I have to create image file first, and then burn it. Am I wrong? I'm using VideoPad 7.11 Thank you
  14. It's working now!!! Thank you very much! For my curiosity, what was my problem? Did I do anything wrong? Thank you 🙂
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