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  1. Switch still comes packaged with Lame v3.82, which is like 20 years old or close to it. After updating I always swap it out to Lame v3.97, that's the newest it will take, if I put any version after v3.97 the mp3s it produces are just white noise. So my questions are why does it still come with v3.82 when there's FAR newer/superior versions of Lame available, why can't it use anything newer than v3.97? Can we get an update that makes it able to use versions newer than v3.97, can we get it updated to come stock with a newer version than v3.82, preferably the newest v3.100, & if that's not possible can it @ least get updated to come stock with v3.97? Also, its Opus encoder says it's v1.1, Opus is now @ v1.3, v1.2 was a major update over v1.1, & v1.3 is a major update over v1.2, so can we get the stock version of the Opus encoder up to the most recent v1.3 as well? You may wanna check the various other encoders you have stock as well, I'm sure there's more that could use updates, & I'm sure having the most up to date encoders would make your users happy & increase the popularity of Switch.
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