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  1. I am new to and learning this program. I see replies regarding Roof design. I too am trying to make up an exterior view so i may show a contractor what addition I want to add to my house. I want to show a indented gabled roof. best i can explain is when looking face on , the triangle (roof ) would come out to the front wall with an overhang-showing indentation of about a foot. as i am trying to design 2 large dormer bump outs on original front roof slope. I hate the small dormer bump outs that are just single window size. mine would each be half the width of the house length with a joining face wall between and a open bump out balcony. It's be noce to have something that was easy to just paste to front face view but editable to tweak and be able to rotate along with the house plan. I tried doing it by creating walls but it only goes on laying flat to the ground verses being able to rotate it 180 deg. and drag to roof point. Also there is already a 1/2 shed dormer on back that goes from centerline of side view of house to the full length. then the front is just original slope roof. Also program has glitches every now and then bumps off while working on project. Also watched all the videos before hand. When I am doing the wall, i have to hit the escape key to get out to be able to use the select tool. clicking on wheel or either lh / rh mouse button doesn't detach from tool and wall just keeps going on adding where i don't want it. Husband passed young and i ended up disabled -all unexpectedly in less than 6 months. So i have to see how i can renovate to accomodate my disabilities and being on my own. First step is to gather up my ideas and be able to get quotes to see if I can afford having the improvements and the rise in taxes & utilities. trying to get it all down to print out & hand it to contractors. Any help appreciated. Deborah
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