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  1. Dear Vapors: What a shame! Too many software companies on the Internet are using what I call "false advertising" because they tell you it is for free, but that is it. After you download and install the software and you are hooked, then you are prohibited the simple chores of printing, editing, saving or you are given a watermark or you are given a set number of days just to try it out. These companies should be more honest and just simply say it is a trial version from the getgo, and allow all prior paying customers a free upgrade if the version has changed. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The software and hardware industry thrives on change and new additions and more often times than not, previous paying customers are left out in the cold. I share your frustrations just the same because it has happened to me as well. Deeaudio
  2. Dear NCH forum users: Does anyone know how to mute the "beep" sound when you start recording and mute the other "beep" sound when you finish recording using Debut Professional by turning this feature either on or off? Thank you in advance Deeaudio
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