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  1. It would be nice if someone from NCH, or someone else knowledgeable, would answer this, wouldn't it?
  2. Nat, Thank you. What I have highlighted in red was my problem. Now it works. Now I have to decide if I'm going to go with the scrolling text box or a jpg image that I have designed in Photoshop. Thanks again, Ron
  3. With a little hindsight I suppose it was slightly silly to ask for the names of competitive products on here 🙄
  4. My first question is how do I paste images here or upload them so I can show you my issue? I have to provide links for now. So what am I doing wrong? I go to this text editor box and type in my text as you showed. And I set the text background to "red" and type in my text (I tried the background Opacity at both 0% and 100%): http://www.fourwindsphotography.com/casino/text editor.jpg But then when I preview it or export to an MP4 the background is black: http://www.fourwindsphotography.com/casino/text editor2.jpg Thank you Nat. This may be what I end up doing.
  5. I haven't looked at all 21 instructional videos but did look at the usual suspects, the ones I thought might have it. But I could not find how to start a video with scrolling text. And can't find it in the help pdf. Could someone please direct me to instructions on how to start my video with text scrolling from the bottom of the screen to top? Thank you.
  6. Why don't you also have a show and tell, a thread, for users to show off to other users? Where the entire world can see.
  7. What DVD Authoring software does everyone use/recommend? I know that one can burn to DVD from VideoPad but I need a solution to burn multiple videos, which may or may not be created with VideoPad, to a DVD. And I need to be able to create Chapters in the videos. I played around with WinX DVD Author but I am not thrilled with it. I don't know enough about DVD authoring to know why I'm not excited about it. It just doesn't seem to offer much flexibility. I would prefer free (of course) but not opposed to shelling out a few bucks for one you people highly recommend. Thank you
  8. Fernando, I hope that you haven't left. I ran into exactly the same thing. But it asked me if I want to "downgrade" to the free version. There is a way to do this. Now everytime I start Videopad I have to confirm that I am using it for non-commercial home use. A small inconvenience. Go back and try and find that place you can "downgrade". I haven't run into the restrictions again. With me it was telling me that I could not export as with you. Now I can.
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