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  1. Thanks for that,I thought it might be the case.
  2. Is there a way of changing the blank TAB score to recognise other tunings, for example C6? I can write in it ok but it would be nice to hear it played back. TAB appears only to recognise standard guitar tuning. Thanks
  3. I've just received an email with a link that having downloaded it seems to have fixed this problem. Thanks to all at Crescendo. Malcolm whitehead
  4. Due to having arthritis in my hands I often use a capo and transpose to another key, eg I want to play in A so put the capo on the second fret and play in G. However, when I write the melody out when it comes to saving the tab the programme reverts to saving it as A on the fretboard. Is there a way of stopping this. When I write in notation there is no problem saving it.
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