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    Volume Equalization

    Reviving this old thread. We have been using Switch for more than 10 years. Recently updated to a new server and bought a new version of the app. We are converting voicemail audio files (primarily .wav) to various formats (primarly .ogg and .mp3). On the new version it seems that the audio volume is lower even though the source files haven't changed. It looks like the 'Normalize' option could take care of it, but we are running from command line and there is not option listed for it. In another thread, somebody opined that if a setting is changed in the app, it would apply to subsequent conversions. Is this accurate? I suppose we can do some testing but would would be much more comfortable with some knowledge behind it or even better yet, a command line switch.
  2. Scribbious

    Switch from the Command Line

    Running into the same problem. It seems like there should be a command line switch for Normalization