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    Preview Lag/Buffer

    Yes I am nowhere near done. This was just a practice run. I have a lot more footage. Do you recommend that I build separate videos since mine will be a 3 minute video with a lot of cuts. Maybe 5 or 6 separate videos then connect them at the end? Since the lag doesn't happen in the actual video then I can at least have the cuts more accurate. Also, would it make sense to adjust the original footage speed? I used the go pro camera whatever the basic settings are. I don't mind reducing the quality somewhat.
  2. dc.dreamcatcher

    Preview Lag/Buffer

    did this work?
  3. dc.dreamcatcher

    Preview Lag/Buffer

  4. dc.dreamcatcher

    Preview Lag/Buffer

    Thank you, I tried everything you listed. I don't know how much RAM or what processor I have but I know I have plenty of disk space. it is still giving me the same result. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HZer2vdctxtRTGYkF-rPlqXTJnuVddoM
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    Preview Lag/Buffer

    I see this was an issue back in 2016. I am having issues with lagging/buffering. I purchased the professional version thinking this would help. I cannot figure out if the video is being properly edited if I cant get a smooth result. what are the best settings I should use in order to correct this issue and any other feedback would be greatly appreciated.