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  1. HI Gekker, i have done as you have suggested and the stock in Inventoria is still showing 3. If i raise another invoice for the same item, current stock shows 3 even though i have sold one and had an invoice to prove it. How can this be? Surely, that has to be a fundamental operation of any stock / invoicing software?

  2. Hi, I have imported some 960 stock items into inventoria by using CSV. When i import it does not offer a location to load to.

    When i select Location as ALL i can see all of the impoted items no problems. But when i select Main Warehouse there are no items in the list. If i select New Location there are no items in the list. So my question is:

    How do i import items into the Main Warehouse Location?

    I have tried to transfer from all to Main Warehouse but the software does not allow this it would seem.


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