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    Force Tile Horizontal as default

    everytime I open wavepad and edit multiple mp3 files it'll use "window -> auto arrange" option. which is extremely annoying as the file editing will always be moved to upper window if its 2 files, top left if it's 4 windows, very hard to keep track. to target this problem I change it under window menu "window -> tile horizontal" which makes each audio file stay at it's position without auto arrange, the one I am editing or listening to will be highlighted just the way I like it. However issue is after I close wavepad and restart it, it'll go back to Auto arrange, it doesn't stick to Tile horizontal. and even in a session I click on tile horizontal option it'll stick for that session until wavepad software is restarted, under the menu, tile horizontal is active but box isn't checked. if I am in auto arrange and if it is active, it'll have a check mark beside it which this does not apply to tile horizontal. is there a way I can force tile horizontal? either through registry edit, config settings edit because obviously software is NOT saving my settings.