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  1. Well, if NCH wants me to upload the file to _their_ file space on Google drive, I'll do it, provided the send me some instructions on how to do so. The automatic email that was sent to me, however, does not mention such a possibility. I have copied it below for your amusement. Perhaps it should be revised. From: NCH Software <donotreply@nchsoftware.com> Sent: September 10, 2018 12:30 PM To: xxxxxx@xxxxxx Subject: Bug File Upload Thank you for submitting a bug report. You have indicated that you would be willing to upload an example file. To upload the file with this bug report please: 1. Rename the file to 144070#### but keep the extension the same (i.e. .doc or .zip). 2. Click on the following link, and then drag the renamed files in the window: ftp://nchpublic:xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx PS. If you don't have a program to upload files by FTP we recommend our ClassicFTP http://www.nchsoftware.com/ftp/index.html FTP Server: xxxxxxxx FTP Username: xxxxxxxx FTP Password: xxxxxxxx
  2. Bug report submitted. I would have sent NCH a copy of one of the suspect FLAC format songs, but I can't get ClassicFTP to connect to the NCH website using the address data in their "bug file upload" email. Chrome can't connect either. I haven't used FTP in thirty years, so I have no idea if the problem is at my end, with my ISP, or at the NCH end.
  3. 2018 September 07, Wavepad v8.23 I use my Android tablet and/or phone as a music player. All of the music tracks I have loaded to date are in FLAC format, were processed (trimed to 1/2 second of silence at start and end, normalized, sometimes compressed with DRC, etc.) using my old version of Wavepad (v5.97), saved as FLAC sound files and loaded onto the android devices. They play back fine using both Google Play music and a Samsung Music app. Recently I bought a new computer and upgraded to Wavepad v8.23. Then I used this latest version of wavepad to convert a couple of additional songs and saved them on my android devices. These new songs will only play back for 7 seconds before the playback stops, the app goes back to the beginning of the song, and starts to play it again, over and over. The songs saved as FLAC files play back normally on my desktop with Windows Media Player. The same raw music files loaded onto my OLD PC, processed with Wavepad v5.97, and saved as FLAC files play back normally on my android devices. The same music processed with Wavepad v8.23 on my NEW PC, and saved as an MP3 file plays back normally on my android devices. I don't think that this is a DRM problem, because the MP3 version works and the FLAC version doesn't, when both were created on the new computer, using the same software, i.e Wavepad v8.23. I guess it is possible that Wavepad 8.23 is using a new/latest FLAC encoder that has not yet been added to Google Play Music or to Samsung Music. In that case is there any way to force Wavepad 8.23 to use an older FLAC encoder? If there is just a bug in the v8.23 FLAC encoder, can I draw it to someones attention to have it fixed? As a workaround, I could save any new songs as MP3s and listen to them as I drive my car. (Probably my old ears would never know the difference.) Would MP3 format be recommended, or should I use one of the other available formats instead?
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