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  1. i seem to be havin the same problem. I installed the mp3el.exe and still cant save MP3. i can only save wav which isnt 2 gd as i want smaller files. I'm also using the Vista 32bit OS. hate it aswell .
  2. Mate i agree with you. but i didnt really have a choise. it all came preloaded and i dont have an original copy of XP and i cant really afford to go forking out more money buyin legal copies of all these OP's. From what i've used of Vista so far it sucks ass compared to XP. it may look pretty and all that but tbh i'm not into it for the glitter and glam. i want to see and feel everything and want to be incontrol of my comp. not the otherway round. There is wind that Microsoft are releasing a brand new OP in 2 years that will void vista anyways, so if i were u i wouldnt bother if u were thinkin of gettin it. (thats to all that read this) Still doesnt solve my problem tho. so any info on that case would be great. cheers . DJ
  3. Tryed all of those options. I've used line in and front and rear mic ports. all 3 are turned on and at high sound levels. They seem to have hidden alot of information from you in the new Vista setups. From what i can tell there is no option to mute these devices. Thanx for replying. hope this helps give a better picture. All help welcome. Need to reslove this issue.
  4. I open wavepad and select new file. select stereo and the normal set up. When i record it seems to record something but i cant hear what i'm recording, untill i stop the recording and listen back to it. I can here what i recorded fine. the problem is i cant hear it whilst i'm recording it. Not much good when ur tryin to record a Club demo. I'm running a new computer with Vista on it but i'm sure that wouldnt be a problem because i saw someone else in the forum running wavepad with vista. I've checked the control pannel and nothing is mutted and all the correct lines in and out are selected and working. I've been tryin to trouble shoot this problem for about 3days and its really bugging me. Its not just Wavepad either. its CUEBASE aswell. Any suggestions are welcome and i'd really appreciate the help because my stress levels are rising. PS . I'm gettin a new 24bit external soundcard soon and i really hope i'm not going to have the same problem with that. otherwise i myt aswell cancel the order. I'm going to try the whole set up on my old computer tomorrow so i'll let u know if that works. Cheers and all who look please reply . Thanks . DJ
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