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  1. I created a location called "Staging". On the purchase order form, I set "Ship to location" to "Staging". Not really a fix but at least YOU control where the items end up. Somehow, one time, items actually went where they were supposed to go. Not sure how that happened other than the Item was already in the system WITH a location, category, etc. assigned. I'm looking into this because doing inventory is bad enough without having to relocate newly received items.
  2. Also, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NCH Software\Inventoria\EBar Is the content of the left pane TOPIC0 0 UNKNOWN (Maybe for unpaid version?) TOPIC1 0 ITEMS TOPIC2 1 PURCHASE TOPIC3 1 SELL TOPIC4 0 REPORTS 0 maximizes, 1 minimizes. Since I don't sell, I use: TOPIC0 0 TOPIC1 0 TOPIC2 0 TOPIC3 1 TOPIC4 0
  3. I use Inventoria as a non-business, hobbyist manner and do not need certain columns on the main screen. Specifically, "Tax", "Price", and "Measure". You can minimize those columns but they reappear on next run. Looking through the Registry (Windows 7) I found this key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NCH Software\Inventoria\MainDialogList which contains string values (REG_SZ) "Col1" through "Col9", each containing numbers which are the column widths as so: COL1 COL2 COL3 COL4 COL5 COL6 COL7 COL8 COL9 209 179 136 48 43 66 89 71 60 Col1 through Col9 are the column heads for: ITEM DESCRIPTION CATEGORY TAX COST PRICE LOCATION QTY MEASURE If you set a column's width to "0" by double-clicking any of Col1 to Col9 and entering "0" , the column goes away and does not reappear on next run. I did not see a way of posting screenshots so Here they are.
  4. I got Wavepad Free to see if it does what I need with the idea of getting the paid version if all goes well. So far, so good with the small amount of testing I've done so far. I intend to use it for location recordings that may go on for extended periods of time. Here's my setup: Dell Latitude E6500, Windows 7 Ultimate, 4G RAM with an M-Audio Firewire Solo. I've seen a few issues here in the forum with incomplete recordings where the "fix" involved deleting the cache folder. I don't remember if those problems were with the Trial, Free, or paid versions. Should I be concerned or should I go ahead and pay? (It would not bother me if I needed to delete the cache before any big recordings.) Thanks in advance for your answers.
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