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  1. Ok, thanks Josh, I requested support. As noted in my ticket, I'm able to convert the same wav files using a competitor's converter, and they work in all the environments I expect them to (Chrome browser, etc). However, I far prefer your interface, so I'm hoping that your tech support can resolve my needs.
  2. Hi, I have used your converter in the past and would like to buy it specifically for converting files to Opus format, but at the moment it doesn't seem to output usable files. I tried converting Mono 48k 16bit to Opus, using "default bitrate encoding" and also "hard constant bitrate encoding" @ 64kbps In both cases: Files do not play back when opened in Chrome An engineer I work with reported the following error upon trying to read the file: "WARNING: Could not decode OpusTags header packet 1 - invalid Opus stream (1)" When I open Opus files in Switch, "View Internal File Information" says "There's no extra information for this file." "View Extended Information" is greyed out Thanks!