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  1. johnnyo

    phtotstage slideshow problems

    Yes, the movie looks great in preview, but when exported to a dvd all still pics are blurry, but movies are fine. I can not see anyplace to change the resolution of the exported movie when making a DVD. If you know how to do this please pass that on to me. This is version 5.11 photostage slideshow. I have made dvd's before and had no trouble with quality. I even just tried 5 different test vids with 9 pictures each from different sources, and all 5 dvd's are blurry. I am at a loss why this program made a great wedding video a while back, but now refuses to make anything but blurry dvd pics. ???????????????
  2. johnnyo

    phtotstage slideshow problems

    For some reason I can not get pics to dvd without them looking blurred...never happened before and I have changed nothing on computer. Any Ideas??????
  3. johnnyo

    photo quality on dvd

    I made a wedding slideshow video from pictures using photostage slideshow producer a while back and it came out wonderful. I have changed nothing on the program since then, but now when I try to make a slideshow video, everything in preview looks great before I export it and make a dvd. When I play the dvd, the pictures are not crisp and sharp, they looked blurred. I do not know what to do to make them clear like the wedding slideshow video I made...any one have any ideas????? Thanks for your help, John