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  1. Hi niceget, I would like to thank you first for your cooperation and help in identifying the issue. We have now located the problem and it will be fixed with the next release which should be available soon. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Regards, Yusuf
  2. N_C_H_yusuf

    It doesn't work

    Hi viniciorl, It might be possible that you are using one of the few microphones we are not supporting yet. Could you please let me know which microphone you are using? Regards, Yusuf
  3. Hi Logicalron, We are sorry to hear that you face this problem. This problem will be fixed with the next release which will be available very soon. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. But rest assured, you can keep the software and update it in the coming weeks. Regards, Yusuf
  4. N_C_H_yusuf

    Live- Output over PC

    Hi , You don't need any additional software , Voxal is capable of doing that. If you have multiple audio devices connected to your computer, you may need to manually choose your configuration to achieve what you want: Open Options which is under the Voice menu. From the list of items in Preview Recording Devices, choos the microphone you would like to use. That could be your headset, computer's integrated microphone, or any other microphone detected by Voxal. From the list of items in Preview Playback Devices, you will need to choose the audio output of your computer. This can be named similar to your sound card such as Realtek, Intel etc. Please let us know if you can't find the device listed there. Regards, Yusuf
  5. Hi niceget, I am one of the developers of Voxal. Could you help me understand the problem so that I can help you ? 1. Could you tell me which voice files are not working fine for you? 2. And when they are not working, what is the actual output ? Do you just hear your voice, or is it distorted noisy etc ? 3. My first instinct is that there was a change on some of the voice files which wasn't intended by me. Could you check voices that are not working to see if they have Compressor effect in the chain ? If so, you can disable that effect from the chain and I think that should solve the issue and that file should work as intended. If you can confirm that, I will update and release the next version accordingly. Thank you very much for letting us know the problem. Regards, Yusuf