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  1. shosty

    Fade Point popping sound

    This is an older post but in case someone finds it looking for an answer... If a little popping noise or digital click happens at the end of a clip where you faded out completely, try zooming way in and slicing off a little sliver of the end of the clip. Readjust the fade. Or, you can zoom in and highlight a little sliver of the end of the clip and click 'silence' under 'editing'. This often does the trick.
  2. shosty

    Editing conundrum in MixPad

    Hi Ben, Thank you for the reply! I just tried your suggestion and it does make it easier. If there was a way to unlock from the clip manager, that would also be great. I would be very interested in any alternatives you come up with. Thanks, Shosty
  3. shosty

    MixPad Edit a Clip

    Oh, you can easily adjust the volume within a clip. See the little red line going horizontal through the clip? Click on the spot where you want to change the volume. A little handle appears. Drag the handle down (volume goes down) or up (volume goes up). You can add as many handles as you like and drag them around.
  4. shosty

    Editing conundrum in MixPad

    Hi all, I've been using MixPad for many years and have not found a convenient way out of this conundrum. But sometimes I am oblivious so here I am looking for an answer! Below is a tune with quite a few edits with cross fades. I have to say, I've gotten fairly quick at editing with cross fades and have my own system to get the job done. Anyway...here's the problem: As you can see, all of the clips are locked because I don't want them to move after getting a nice smooth edit. What do I do if I decide I am not happy with one of my edits and I want to nudge just *one* of these clips to tweak an edit? So lets say I want to nudge to the right clip no. 4 to get a smoother edit between clips 3 and 4. I will need all the clips to the right of clip 4 to move together with my nudge. Of course, this is possible in MixPad but it is very cumbersome, unless you all know something I don't. Please share! What I do is one by one highlight clip 4 and all the clips to the right of it, then one by one unlock all the clips to the right of clip 4. Now I can nudge and all the clips to the right nudge right along with it. Besides being time consuming, what if I accidentally click in the wrong spot? The clips all unhighlight and I have to start over. Oy! Or what if the tune is much longer, say 15 minutes, and it has a bunch of edits, say 30? You get the idea! Another way is to merge the clips every time I am happy with the edit. But then again, what if want to nudge the edit or redo it? If I go back to the history and unmerge the merge, I lose everything I did since the merge. Am I missing something here? Is there a better way??? Here is what I would love to see - I would love an 'unmerge' button. So when you merge clips there is an indication where the separate clips are on the track itself. Maybe they can be assigned different colors by the user. Then, if you want to nudge a single clip, just highlight the two clips, click "unmerge' and nudge to your hearts content and remerge when done! It seems like a simple solution and would give MixPad a great deal more editing power and i would be ever so grateful!!! But please let me know if I am missing something or if you have another way out of my conundrum!! It would be much appreciated!!! Thanks!