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    Adding Audio Track 2 Makes Audio Track 1 Single Ear

    Oh, the recording itself SAYS 2 channels and if opened in wavepad is SAYS stereo, but it only plays through one ear regardless. That's the weird part. Yes, the headphones are plugged all the way in, hah. If I just use windows audio recorder it records fine and playsstereo inside the project after import, so definitely not the MIC itself. But using "record over video" inside the app/project itself results the same - one side only. Having to record narration outside the app and then import it to compensate in the meantime. Not sure why. Thanks.
  2. UMRebel

    Adding Audio Track 2 Makes Audio Track 1 Single Ear

    Hey guys I have an additional question and/or issue that seems to be related. When recording over video (narration) the resulting .wav track is again only playing in one ear. However, properties say it is 2 channel and if edited in Wavepad it already shows that it's stereo. Trying to save as stereo/new-file does not resolve it for this. Any ideas how to get the recording over video to play out of both sides?
  3. UMRebel

    Adding Audio Track 2 Makes Audio Track 1 Single Ear

    Good stuff. Thanks to both of you.
  4. UMRebel

    Adding Audio Track 2 Makes Audio Track 1 Single Ear

    Thanks, borate. I had actually found that exact post from you, and had tried that, hoping it was not the only solution. True, if I edit the original audio track and convert it to stereo in wavepad it does fix the mono problem, but it also unlinks the audio from the original video clip with no way to "re-associate(?)" it that I can readily find. I mean... it's workable... but it certainly makes managing the scene a lot more complicated especially if doing lots of cuts and edits. The original video+audio no longer edit as one. I'll keep playing. Appreciate the feedback.
  5. Hi, I have imported a Video (GoPro Hero Session) and the Video Track 1 and linked Audio Track 1 play through both ears of headphones. However, when I simply add a second audio track to the project, whether it's a sound effect or a song, it doesn't matter, it makes Audio Track 1 start coming out of only 1 headphone ear... and this carries through to Export. If I delete Audio Track 2, then Audio Track 1 comes back out of both ears again. I've searched this forum and youtube for an explanation and resolution. Appreciate if anyone can help here. CS