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    Help Trying to Pair/Sync a Split Screen GoPro Video

    What i mean is , when filming with the GoPro 3 or 3+ Silver (i have both , 3+ on front of helmet and 3 facing rear) , as you know , they film in short clip segments , not one continuous video like the original non HD GoPros did , so in getting the footage of the track ride for 19+ minutes , it makes several clip segments for each camera , so to get 15 minutes of video , it takes 2 clip segments per camera , so i have been putting 2 segments on each timeline , and that is why i asked , would i be better off , doing a "new" project , and take each 2 clip video , and making it 1 longer one , so instead of having a 8 minute and 5 minute together on one timeline , i make that 1 solid video , and do the same for the rear facing video , then bring them into a "new" project , as 2 video clips , one for each timeline , as opposed to how i have been trying it using 4 clips (2 front on 1 timeline , and 2 rear on a second timeline) and then following your instructions ???? , follow ???
  2. JimDirt

    Help Trying to Pair/Sync a Split Screen GoPro Video

    Wow ! , thank you for that detailed walk thru , I will try that and see if i can get anywhere with that way , you used 1 clip each correct , not 2 clips in each timeline correct ?? , so is it easier to sync when its only 1 longer clip as opposed to trying to move 2 ?? , in other words should i take the 2 clips , save them as one , then use the completed combined clip in each timeline and then do what you did ??
  3. JimDirt

    Help Trying to Pair/Sync a Split Screen GoPro Video

    Thank you for the reply and the suggestion , i copied and saved your instructions to a text file , so i can have it handy for reference while i am editing I wonder if it would be easier if i edited and joined the split clips for each timeline (2 for front and 2 for rear view into 1 each , then save those separately , then try to sync those 2 as opposed to trying to sync , as i am now , 2 videos in each timeline) so that way i only have 2 actual clips to work with (1 front , 1 rear) instead of trying to keep 2 clips in each timeline aligned , as well as trying to sync all 4 clips together ...... Thoughts ????
  4. JimDirt

    Help Trying to Pair/Sync a Split Screen GoPro Video

    Well , i tried and tried , and i can't get the 2 videos so sync up , if i drag one to change its placement , then there is only 1 video showing till the second catches up to where i moved the first one , the issue is , what it allows you to move by grabbing and dragging , is way too much , so when i go to try to put video 2 back at the beginning , then it seems to also move the other video but in the opposite direction , i look at video 1 and its way down the timeline now and i never touched it , all i moved was video 2 , , so now video 2 is scrunched together and part 1 and 2 of video 1 are scrunched together , so if i try to pull them apart , then it separates them , and its even more screwed up , so i just scrap the project This has got to be the most problematic software i have ever used , i used to be able to use Windows Movie Maker , and complete a project with effects in about 30 minutes or less , since i can't use that anymore because Microsoft are morons , and GoPro Studio does not work well unless the videos are exactly the same length , then after you edit them for length , so they are equal length , then they won't pair , and this editor won't pair at all , so its pretty much useless to me at this point , unless you guys know of a way to get it to Pair the video timelines , so they actually work in sequence Any other ideas ??? , as i can't get it to work like everyone says it does doing a split screen with 2 different videos (actually 4 , 2 of each because gopro wont make 1 long video like they did on the old original gopros) ..
  5. JimDirt

    Help Trying to Pair/Sync a Split Screen GoPro Video

    Thank you for the replies guys ! borate: , It sounds like i did pretty much what you mentioned , with the exception of clicking B in the effects box , and when i tried to "drag" them , is when it seemed that it made matters worse and it would never go back to where it was , which is what confuses me , also i am not sure what Sync Locked is , i am assuming this is a GoPro setting somewhere in the camera setup that i missed , ....... does it require a wireless remote ?? , if so i have not purchased one yet , i just push one on , then the other , by hand , but as mentioned , the time between each camera recording is only a matter of a second or 2 i think , basically the time it takes to reach from one camera on the mouthguard to one on top rear of my helmet , but i will go over the GoPro instructions and see what i missed about the Sync Lock , and retry making sure i am using the B ( i don't recall doing that)........... EDIT: , i just looked thru the 3+ Silver manual and i could not find anything on Sync Lock , so not sure what it is or if its only on the newr 4-5-6 cameras Nationalsolo: , I will also try to adjust the clip speed and see if there is a difference , as i asked GoPro if there was a difference in recording between the 3+ silver and the 3 silver and they said they are the same , although in reviewing all my footage from each weekend i did notice that as the recording process takes place , they each break up the segments in different lengths , so where one (3+) has a 19:53 and a 6:12 for the split on a single recording session , the rear (3) has a 17:35 and a 8:35 for the split on the same recording session , so when i set the 2 clips together in 1 timeline one is 26:05 long and the other on the next timeline is 26:10 long , which is only 5 seconds difference , but not sure if its because of recording speed is different between the 3 and 3+ , or it just took me 5 seconds to reach back and push the button to stop the recording on the second camera from the first , but i would not think that 5 seconds would make that much of a difference , as when i play them both they are more like 10-15 seconds apart in sequence from timeline 1 to 2 , and that is where i have issues getting them to be around the same frame as the other so it looks like your watching a front/rear view simultaneously I would think the 10 second difference would only be in the overall length of the total video recorded , not in the time it actually records each segment , which seems to be about a 2 and a quarter minute difference in the first half and a 2 and a eighth minute difference in the second half , which i have no control in adjusting , as its a set time that it splits each video into segments that is built into the software of each GoPro model , which the only differences i could find was this time recording before each split , and the 30 and 60fps that the 3+ does where the 3 only does 24 and 30fps , but i do my recording on 30fps on both so that should not be a factor , other than those 2 things , i can't find any other difference between the 3 and 3+ Silver
  6. First post here ...... i have struggled for 2 weeks to get registered here , as the site was having issues with my email address , even though 1 of them met the requirements (no underscore) , so after a few emails someone finally registered me from their end ..... (Thank you Josh) Issue: I was trying to do a "Split Screen" video in the GoPro Studio , and it only works when both videos are the same length , but if you edit the length , then it won't Pair them , and GoPro no longer supports GoPro Studio *go figure* , so i downloaded the Video Pad editor and am having the same issue sort of , as i can't find any way to Pair/Sync a Split Screen video , so how do i "Pair/Sync" 2 GoPro videos , 1 is from a Hero 3+ Silver , the other is from a Hero 3 Silver , they are the same format (MP4) , but every time i try to edit them to be the same length by cutting the end of the video off but leaving the beginning the same (videos i am cutting to 15 minutes from about 17-19) , but when i try to get them side by side in the editor , they do not play at the same time , they are off , even though i pushed the Record buttons at almost the same time and if i play them individually they seem to be starting at the same time (within 1 or 2 seconds from each other) , so they "should" be close enough in time to sync , but its way off , so if i try to move either of the videos in the timeline , then it seems its worse , then i can never get them back to the original frame without what seems to be cutting/losing portions as it scrunched the video up then moving it in the timeline , its really confusing as to why i can't get them to Pair or sync , so i have to start over , and end up with the same result every time The demo videos i have watched on this site to use the editor did not help as they do not seem to be pairing 2 videos , they seem to be just putting 2 random videos side by side , which does not help my situation ..... Basically the videos are dirt bike/ Moto videos from my helmet cam , i have 1 facing front and 1 facing the rear , i want to be able to have them side by side on the screen , so half and half/the same size , one of the front view the other of the rear , but they need to play at the same time per frame , or as close as i can get them , so when viewing you can look at either video and see your in the same place on the track , etc. , i can get the sound off on 1 so i only hear the front , which is good , but i can't get the videos to match frame per frame , or close enough so it looks even Any ideas on how to do this ??? ( i am using the "free" version) , as there does not seem to be a lot of info on this subject and the manual does not help at all in this situation , or am i out of luck ??? Any help is appreciated .... Thanks .... Jim