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    Chapters on menu

    Hi, When I export a project to a DVD, and I create a menu which then appears on the DVD, it seems that one can only list one projects or chapters. The name of that "play button" on the menu is the project name. Is there a way to either burn more than one project on one DVD where the projects are listed individually on the menu screen for selection, or all chapters are put into one project where the individual chapter names appear on the menu for selection? Thanks a lot.
  2. Norbert1

    Failure to export video to DVD

    HI, I recently realised how to solve to problem with exporting my project to a DVD. I had to start the laptop with the external dvd burner drive plugged in. Only then the program can recognise the drive and burn the DVD properly. It did work in the end. Thank you all for your support and advice. Very much appreciated.
  3. Norbert1

    Failure to export video to DVD

    Thank you very much, Nat and borate. You are right. I did just copy the .mov file on a DVD. This was the only way i managed to do that. I tried all the steps you mention about Express Burn above and it's the same result. I get a failure message all the time. It seems as if the software can't recognise my external burner drive. Funnily enough, when I had a DVD in that drive which already had data on it (it is not a rewritable one) VideoPad regocnised it and ask for an empty DVD to be inserted.
  4. Norbert1

    Failure to export video to DVD

    I managed to export to my PC and then burned the file to a DVD just like any other picture or similar file. But I only got a .mov file on the DVD not an actual movie with menu, chapters and so on.
  5. Norbert1

    Failure to export video to DVD

    Thanks for your response. I tried Express Burn but id doesn't work either. Same failure to export to DVD.
  6. Norbert1

    Failure to export video to DVD

    Hi, I just bought the HomeEdition of VideoPad but don't seem to be able to export my project to a DVD in an external drive/burner. When choosing the Export Video and DVD Movie Disk function I selected Apple SuperDrive as burner drive (the alternative option was Image File) and the software started to create the movie with the progress bar showing. However, when the progress bar reached 100% an error message popped up saying "Error. Failed to create your movie. The selected drive does not exist or is not responding." Has anyone ever encountered the same issue? Many thanks. N