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    Update issue

    I was 'forced because the program wouldn't run until I upgraded which frankly I find disingenuous having paid for my original software in full almost three years ago. Nonetheless I assumed there must be tremendous improvements and added features ... A lamb to the slaughter I paid up to find that a really easy to use and pleasurable program is now difficult to navigate and the dark grey makes it even more confusing. To me it seems a case of fixing something that 'wasn't broken' as is so often the case now days. Yes add features ... Mind you in the three years I have used it there has never been a single update of any kind so I was pretty surprised at this latest 'innovation' only to be utterly dismayed...I was actually in the middle of an edit when it crashed and informed me I had to 'buy in' again? Very disappointed and will now have to find an easy to use editor.. MORE expense . ?
  2. Mozz

    Update issue

    I have just been forced to update video pad and paid for the it even though I wasn't looking for it. Maybe there are some improvements though I have yet to see. My biggest problem is that the 'new look' is all dark grey whereas before it was clear and predominantly white/bright which I found lovely to work with. Is there a setting that will allow me to change the background colour and make it nearer the 'old version?