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  1. azamet

    OGM does not play on the phone

    on me it was fixed after changing voip provider ?
  2. azamet

    [[[[Answering machine detection]]]]

    did u find the solution? i have the same problem!!! pls help me
  3. azamet

    IVM and Voip! wanting to buy license

    on buying licence topics answer is coming so fast but for paid users like me the answers are not coming so fast for problems issues etc...
  4. azamet

    IVM Answering Attendant & Skype...?

    i want to know that too
  5. azamet

    Issues using IVM when making outgoing calls

    on me the answering machine detector is not working! every calls detected as answering machine! using windows 10
  6. azamet

    IVM Outbound, how to add %callername%?

    i need this too if u find solution pls share with us!
  7. im a paid user and i try to make outbound calls using this software but every calls is detecting as answering machine on this program what is wrong with it!!! i tryed to set it to 20-60-120 second and it is same!!! i paid but i cant use it! can anybody pls pls pls help?