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  1. Thanks again. I located a manual for VideoPad and found a range of posts with related issues.
  2. Thanks Borate. I got the frame rate and height the same as the original & increased the data rate to 2052 and the total bit rate to 2180. Quality is improved, the file size is 76,767. I selected resolution 1024 x 576 TV-wide and 29.97 TV NTSC for the maximum frame rate The data rate and total bit rate is still only about a third of the original. Is this crucial?
  3. Many thanks - I simply clicked on the save button. By format - what are the options (I take it you are not referring to file type)? I didn't specify encoding. I'm used to just going with the program defaults. Is there a format and encoding type I should be specifying?
  4. Hello, I joined a number of old 60s video clips together in CyberDirector v12 and the resulting mp4 file was 252,157 KB. I did some very minor editing in Videopad v6.10 and the resulting file is only 17,152KB. Below are the respective video properties. The quality isn't as good with the smaller file. Is there a way to ensure the original and the edited version have similar properties? Version---------------Videopad-------------------------------Cyberlink Length --------------- 00:00:5:18 ------------------------00:05:37 Frame width --------- 320 --------------------------------- 640 Frame height ---------- 240 --------------------------------- 480 Data rate ------------- 311-------------------------------- 5994kbps Total bit rate-------------439---------------------------------6125 kbps Frame rate ---------------14 frames/second-------------- 25 frames/second Thanks Bob Audio Bit rate ---------- 128kps ---------------------------- 131 kbps Channels --------- 2(stereo) ------------------------- 2(stereo) Audio sample rate------ 48 k Hz------------------------------- 48 k Hz