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  1. Geoffemm

    Problem with lip sync

    Using VP, I have captured several VHS recordings, only to discover, when wearing headphones, that they’re in mono. I imagine this is because it’s the way the audio is output from the tap and that there’s no option in VP for creating stereo. Consequently, after creating an .mp4 file in VP of the VHS video and then closing the program, I’ve opened the file in WavePad. WP recognises it contains video and gives the option of either opening the file in VP, or continuing in WP, which I do. Having converted the now wave file to stereo, I save it as a .wav file. Going back to VP I open the original mp4 file, delete the soundtrack, import the .wav file and drag it to the audio tack on the time lineline. This usually works well, but on a recent project it developed an ever so slight problem with lip sync - just enough to make it annoying. So, my question is, as both film and soundtrack are hard against the timline inception point, is there a way in VP to fine tune?
  2. Geoffemm

    The Export Queue

    Thanks Nationsolo for your helpful and detailed explanation. I’m new to the software and while I’ve digitalised a number of old VHS recordings now, once I’ve captured and finished exporting them I’ve invariably closed the program. Hence, I’ve never seen or developed an “export queue,” the box has always remained blank and I was left wondering? ?
  3. Geoffemm

    The Export Queue

    What does the "Clear Complete Items" button do in the Export Queue window?