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  1. Can you advise above issue ? I just bought software ,subscribed silver support member . Now I am unable to use software as cannot activate or fill in order number in adding new invoice from web-access. The same issue in order also , unable to fill up Quote number .
  2. Dear Sir, Can you advise ? I am unable to add Order number in when I am adding new invoice from web-access .
  3. Thanks , I am referring to mobile device from web page , that is not from the mobile app. In computer from computer web access with Qty Item Description Unit Price Tax Total Delete. But from mobile web , Description is not shown.
  4. Yes , I agreed that need column for Serial no, Bar code , Description ( viewing in phone) Thanks
  5. Description column is shown in web page or desktop but Order or Invoice but it is not shown in phone . Can you advise how to get it ? It is important as need to classified ( Size , grade or color) for Item which was default in the page. Thank you
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