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  1. a1048

    .mp4 with no audio??

    I didn't change any of them to start with, and when it didn't work, I kept trying different things. At this point, I've tried so many that I wouldn't be able to tell you
  2. a1048

    .mp4 with no audio??

    Neither speaker icon is muted. Also, I'm currently in version 6.10
  3. a1048

    .mp4 with no audio??

  4. Hello, I'm trying to export a video so that I can post it on twitter. Unfortunately, twitter only lets you post .mp4 and .mov, and I am unable to export to these two types of files with my audio. The video exports fine, but as soon as I play it, I can't hear anything. In the previews it works fine, but not after exporting. When I export to .avi it works. I even tried exporting to Youtube but it still would not give me audio. I really need to get this video, and a few others, exported and posted ASAP. Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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