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    Move text around in VideoPad

    Yes, I can confirm that as well. Ironically, in the newer version where you can move the text, the cursor doesn't change when you hover over the text, so you don't know that you could in fact move it. I have seen an earlier forum thread that it can be positioned and with that 4 headed arrow, so it was available prior to 6.01. Matt
  2. st11x

    Move text around in VideoPad

    It's indeed odd. I just couldn't replicate what you did in the demo. I tried clearing the cache like you suggested but it didn't work. I'll try installing the latest release. I'm on Win 10. I found a workaround which is to add a Text Effect - Position and move it to the desired position. Matt
  3. st11x

    Move text around in VideoPad

    Hi, I am on version 6.01. I cannot make this work, what else am I missing? When I click on drag on the text, I see the bounding rectangle move. When I release the mouse button, the rectangle snaps back and disappears, and the text never moved at all. Thanks Matt