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    Timing narration to video

    borate, I don't mean to be a pain here but, after reading the "Tips for getting help" topic, I'm still a little confused. It says, "Then click the IMAGE icon in the toolbar (above the VP forum compose window) and paste that URL". The screenshot in the tip is different from what I see at the top of the window I'm writing in now. I don't see an "image icon". If I mouse over each item at the top of this window, none of them say "image icon". I'm wondering if the screenshot is out of date or something. Anyway, I uploaded a couple of screenshots to Google Drive and tried to post them here. I used the "Insert other media" button at the bottom of this window but when I inserted the url in the space, it turned a pinkish red color and nothing else happened. I assume it didn't take it. It seems my request for help with Video Pad has turned into a request for how to ask for help asking for help.
  2. Rmanwide

    Timing narration to video

    Thanks guys. I'm using Video Pad Professional v. 5.01. When I click on record, the only choices I have are: 1) Record Video, 2)Capture Screenshot, 3) Record Screen, 4) Record Audio and 5) Narrate. I don't see a choice "Over Video". I bought this version not too long ago, is there a newer version? I can't figure out how to include a screenshot here or I would. That "Insert other media" button is kinda confusing. How do you "insert existing attachment"? Don't know what that means.
  3. Rmanwide

    Timing narration to video

    Hey everybody. I'm new to video pad and was wondering if someone could help me. I put together a number of video clips of varying lengths and wanted to add narration. Before I tried to add the narration, I practiced what I wanted to say while watching my video in "Sequence Preview". I could watch the red line move across my clips and it helped me time what I wanted to say during each clip. But when I attempted to add the narration, I found that, in the narration window, I had nothing to prompt my narration. No moving red line to tell me when the video was transitioning to the next clip. How do you time your narration without anything telling you your transition to the next clip is about to happen? Do you just guess? I had both the narration window and the sequence preview window open but the red line in the sequence window did not move, only the line in the narration window. And it gave no clue when the next clip was about to start. Any ideas? Thanks