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    Hello all , My name is Hans Venema and i'm living in The north East part of The Netherlands . I did download Broadwave free version and it worked for a few weeks verry good , and then i will start again and ...... the message : Can's reasch Http//213.......... i did not change anything , or download things or some else , maybe there was a update in win10 ( or Linux mint / wine ) or my router ( Experia Box KPNplanet 220 type ) OK litte explaining : when i start BW , i will look if stream is OK , i have to let BW search and then it went green and BW is streaming , BW tells me so ) When i go to my site : www.zundapp-racing.net23.net and klik on " stream for music " i get the message : Can's reasch Http//213.......... . when i look in my router , port 1088 is open . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------http://localhost:1088/ result : This page is not reacheble ( my bad englisch )•Controleer of het webadres http://localhost:1088 juist is•Met Bing zoeken naar deze site•Vernieuw de pagina -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- its says : this page is not ....... enz. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- a question to your experts , ist ist possible that port 1088 already is in use for some other application and there is a conflict , just asking . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is there somebody that can help me with this ? Please Keep it simpel , i'm just a normal user and no expert , Thanks :-) Best regard , Hans
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