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    Thank you Nat for your help and suggestions. I will give them all a go. I gather from what you told me, reading between the lines, that snapping is a default setting and can't be altered. I have used other editing programmes which give you the option to have snapping on or off which prompted my original query. Moviemaker
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    Thank you for your reply. I don't want to insert a clip between existing clips. I want to drag a clip on to the time line and have it stay were it is so I can move it about as neccesary. The trouble is the clip automatically snaps on to the clips that happen to be on the timeline. I wish to stop automatic snapping and wondered if this is a default setting that can be changed.
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    When dragging clips to the timeline how can I stop a clip snapping to the one on the timeline. I want to move clips around without them snapping on the last one in sequence. Is there something in settings that can stop this happening.