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    More files in same view screen.

    For me, as a beginner the help/manual provided is not so clearly as it should be. It gives no answer to my question, luckily I figured this out.
  2. ShadyAngel

    More files in same view screen.

    Hi, Thanks for your quick answers. Probably I did not see the option for cd and printed manual when I bought wavepad. For my targets it's very usefull but I think the price for cd is too high. The download webpage mentions a manual included when downloading but in realty it's not. Unfortunately, the manual is not included and can not be found anywhere. Sin for a good program.
  3. ShadyAngel

    More files in same view screen.

    Is there a way to find a wavepad manual (pdf file)? I spend whole morning searching for a descent instruction manual.
  4. ShadyAngel

    More files in same view screen.

    Thanks for the info. I can see the window drop menu but it seems only working when files are first opened via the "open (file) in new window". Then I can choose another view in the dropdown menu.. Opening several files in the same window only works via File > open file in new window or Open (yellow map icon) > open in new window. This seems to be the only way for opening several files in one window. Once opened you can choose another window view (tile horizontal, tile vertical, cascade and autoarrange). Manually resizing works now when selecting minimize or maximize button for files. Momentarily I'm using Wavepad version 8.23. My first version was 7.14. The older version I used had another layout and seemed easier to find the windows option.
  5. ShadyAngel

    More files in same view screen.

    Solution found. Click file (or yellow file icon) > "open file in new window"
  6. ShadyAngel

    More files in same view screen.

    Some time ago this worked by checking one of the options in the window menu (tile horizontal, auto arrange...) and then all open files (tabs) were shown in the same screen. I have been able to solve this one by now but now I really do not know how I got it ready. Now none of these options work anymore. Adjusting windows manually also does not work. I can only see 1 opened file at the same time in the window. I know it's possible, somehow I don't know the right sequence or actions.
  7. ShadyAngel

    More files in same view screen.

    How can I see multiple files simultaneously in the same windows. I have done this several times but I do not know how to do this anymore. Can someone help me please. Thanks in advance.
  8. ShadyAngel

    change screen appearance

    Till now I've used v 8.02. This morning I updated to v 8.04. I got a much darker screen than the one used. The option "change to classic screen" seems to be removed. How can I get the lighter screen back? The lighter screen is much more clear.