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  1. Initially I have been using Debut Professional 3.01, on an HP Elitebook 840 G3 laptop with Windows 7 Pro, with the Startech USB3HDCAP connected to a PAL video camera. The combination seemed to work well, but would always crash (Abnormal Execution Problem) when any change was made using the Debut Options menus. In an attempt to solve this annoying issue, I have now updated Debut to v5.09 and now the program crashes upon launch immediately after establishing connection to the USB3HDCAP. If I uninstall and go back to version 3.01 then I can at least get it to work again, but still get the crashes when using the Options menu. I have tried updating the USB3HDCAP drivers but the problem still exists when using either version of Debut. Has anyone been able to get Debut to reliably work with the USB3HDCAP?
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