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    MixPad Edit a Clip

    Thanks Chris. I thought I was not doing something right. I'll buy the Wavepad. I've used the trial version and it works very well.
  2. mickey16

    MixPad Edit a Clip

    Thanks Chris. I split the track into 3 parts easily. When I went to apply the effects to one part of the track, let's say "Clip 2", the effects continue to apply to all 3 clips of that track ???
  3. mickey16

    MixPad Edit a Clip

    Trying to reduce the volume on just a few seconds of a clip. Highlight the area, select "Effects" "Amplify", won't do it. It reduces the entire clip. I open WavePad Sound Editor which allows me to do that but obviously can't save it in trial mode. Is Wavepad the only way to edit a portion of a clip?? Thanks